Daci West


Daci West

If Daci got in a fight with her yesterday self, she would kick her ass. She is an ex smoker, ex meat eater, and she knows the operose side of loyalty. She works hard to play hard. Daci is making photography her own through Confluent Productions, with pictures in a laundromat dryer, a volunteer p project through the Crises Center, and pictures under a clothing rack.


We ran around town trying to catch the overcast, delivered some pictures, and went to the studio to get some pictures. For fear of having the same outfit, we looked around the art studio for something to wear. I picked up a dirty used canvas drop cloth and decided against it and quickly lost hope, I figured the first outfit would be fine. Daci trusted her gut, she could hear something calling her name; with a little rummaging, a tattered and misused piece of lace.

A Laci Dac


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